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Posted on 2016-02-23 by Author admin

Are you facing problems with the functioning of your garage door? All of us want our garage doors to open and close smoothly every time we use it. No wonder, it is very essential for the safety of our home too. But sometimes, we experience problems with the functionality of the garage door sensors. The sensor based garage doors are in trend these days. These sensors are the safety gadgets that keep the door from shutting on people, pets or any other objects in the entryway. The sensors are situated over the floor at every side of the door opening and produce a low-voltage pillar that finishes the electrical circuit when the sensor door is actuated.In lieu of the machinery used in these garage doors, you might experience some issues with the normal functionality of your garage door sensors.


Here are the 5 major issues you might face with garage door sensors:

1. Dust on the transmitter: Due to prolonged use, dirt builds up and hinder the operation of sensor transmitter and receiver. To fix this issue, you need to closely examine the sensor transmitter and receiver and clean all the dust particles. You need to remove any dust, spider webs, or debris from the lens with a clean cloth. After proper cleaning, use remote control to check the functionality of sensors.

2. Deformed sensor frame: Another issue you might experience is a deformed, bent sensor mount on any of the side of your garage door system. These sensor mount are generally made up of Aluminum, thus are prone to deformation. Due to bent frame, the light beam will no longer be able to reach to the sensor with the remote control of your garage door. If you discover that your frame has been deformed, you can try to put it back in a correct position by bending them back with your hands as these are made up of soft Aluminum.

3. Problem with remote control: Sometimes, the issue is not with the sensor, but with the remote control system. Make sure that the switches on the remote control are working properly and check the battery of your remote control to resume the normal opening and closing of your garage door.

4. Reverse open after the close: There is an open and close door limit on your garage door opener. Sometimes, you may face a problem that as you close the garage door, it hits the ground and then reverse back. In this case, you need to revise the open and close door limit of your garage door.

5. Undirected opening and closing of garage door: If you come back home and find your garage door open, although you have closed it before leaving for your work , then there might be a problem of short circuit in either the transmitter, or the wall buttons, or the garage door cable. Due to short circuit, a continuous signal is sent to the garage door and it keeps on opening and closing without your direction. In this case, first you need to explore the short circuit area and rectify the problem to resume the normal functioning of your garage door.

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