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Posted on 2016-11-18 by Author admin

As the temperature inches closer to winter, lots of things can go wrong around your house, counting your garage door. Snow and ice that are a part of parcel of winter season can affect your garage door adversely. As a smart owner, you must be aware of the impact caused due to winter on your garage door, along with the preventive measures to forbid it. You must give an extra protective layer to your door by weatherproofing. For example, you must use extra protective paint, check for water damage and seal cracks. On this note, we will talk about most common garage door problems in this post that you may encounter this winter. Accordingly, you will pull up your socks to deal with these problems should the need arise to take proper action.

Improper Lubrication

Cold weather takes a toll on the metal parts of the garage door. As a result, the garage door sticks to the drive track that facilitates the opening and closing of the garage door. You; therefore, be prepared with the solution to prevent this malicious issue. To prevent this issue, buy a good quality lubricant and use it on the track wheels and the hinges to fight against the abuses of winter. This will help you perform your garage door smoothly all the time.

Damaged Weather Stripping

When the temperature in your locality is freezing, the water around the garage door also frosts. Due to this reason, the weather stripping sticks to the ground. When you open the door, the weather starts peeling each time you open the door, which results in damaging the insulation. To prevent this frustrating situation, always wipe off the snow and puddles as this will keep your weather stripping intact no matter how chilling the temperature is in your area.

Dirty Garage Door Opener Sensors

During winter, the roads have the topping of ice, which makes difficult for the people to drive on the road. Sand and salt are used to treat icy roads. When you drive your car on such road, these and salt and sand stick to the wheels of your car and when you park your car inside your garage, the grime eats into the openers motor, which calls for costly repair. Also, it can call your safety into question as the dirt can block the photo eyes that revers the door rapidly on sensing any obstruction.

The best secret to keep garage door problems in winter at bay is to always stay on top of regular maintenance. Regular lubrication, cleaning and careful usage should keep your garage door out of harms way. If you need some more tips on your garage door to prevent it from the curse of the winter season, contact Sacramento Garage Door Masters. We have a solution for all the garage door problems that you may face during. All our technicians are well informed with that challenges that garage door users face, along with their solution.

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