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Posted on 2016-01-25 by Author admin

Extreme weather conditions can pose a challenge to homeowners especially if their garage doors are not insulated. Extreme weather conditions experienced both in the winter and summer season can be detrimental to the functionality of your garage panel.

Furthermore, the change in temperature from one extreme to another experience throughout the year is equally damaging. Garage doors, garage door panels, garage door openers are susceptible to damage under very cold or very hot temperatures. Both electrical and mechanical systems are affected by extreme temperatures.

Hot temperatures are associated with the following negative impact on garage doors:


Overheating of the wiring system

Most automatic garage doors are electrically designed to enhance convenience and functionality. The electrical systems make it possible for one to remotely control the garage door. However, this can come crashing in extreme hot weather. Why? In extreme heat, electrical wiring systems are likely to change their electrical properties or melt resulting to a breakdown of the circuit board and ultimately in the breakdown of the functioning of motors and sensors.

Power surges and outages

Power surges are especially common in the hot weather. Just like other electrical systems, garage doors are vulnerable to damage during power surges hence causing breakdown.

Aesthetic devaluation

Extreme heat can cause paint to fade and peel leaving the door looking rumpled. This diminishes the beauty of your homestead and can remarkably reduce the value of your house particularly if you intend to put it up for sale.

On the other hand, extreme cold temperatures also have negative impact on garage doors.


Most parts of garage door are metallic. Extreme temperatures cause metals to expand or contract. Therefore, extreme cold temperatures cause hinges, screws, springs and the entire garage panel to contract. This can diminish the mechanical functionality of the garage door. Also, the electrical wiring system is sensitive to very cold temperatures. This can result to the circuit board to stop working hence causing functional failure in the motors and sensors.

Thickened grease

Extremely low temperatures cause grease to freeze. This definitely compromises the efficiency of its lubricating property. Thickened grease can misplace rollers out of their position hence causing trouble when opening and closing the door.

The winter is characterized by adverse cold temperatures which cause freezing. On the other hand, the summer is characterized by adverse hot temperatures. Both extremes can cause havoc across your home.

Notably, extreme temperatures are not only caused by extreme weather conditions. For instance, fire or power surges can trigger very hot temperatures. Whatever the cause of adverse temperatures; homeowners should take caution and implement preventative measures to protect their properties.

A key preventative measure is to ensure constant maintenance throughout all seasons. In addition, during winter or in extremely cold temperatures, homeowners are advised to use silicone based lubricants in place of grease. Also, garage door insulation can prevent most of garage door problems that are caused by extreme temperature conditions.

Probable destruction can be prevented and managed with the help of Sacramento Garage Door Masters. These professionals help homeowners establish preventative measures to protect their garage doors from any extreme weather conditions. They also come in handy to help with any necessary repairs.

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