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Posted on 2016-01-27 by Author admin

Your garage door has been perfect for a long time now, and then all over a sudden, it starts malfunctioning. Definitely, there is something wrong which needs immediate attention before it causes disaster. Some people will begin looking at their garage door remote thinking they are faulty. There are several things ranging from faulty garage door panel to faulty garage door tracks that can cause a garage door to malfunction. However, we feature faulty garage door track in its post.htrack

A faulty garage door track needs immediate attention since it hinders the garage door from closing and opening effectively. The best solution is to replace it with a new one. Worried how to go about it? Well, these simple tips will definitely jump start you to become a pro in replacing garage door tracks.

1. Selecting a Replacement Track

It is new garage door track. Dont go for an old garage door track due to these reasons;

  • Risk of garage door getting hung ups due to un matching tracks
  • Risk of the door falling
  • The cables may snap up and cause serious injuries.

Therefore, you should order a replacement track from the manufacturer of the garage door to avoid any scenarios stated above.

  1. Working on the Rollers and Hinge Pins

First, remove the rollers and the hinge pins from the garage door track. Removing the pins out of the rollers will depend on the way the garage door is manufactured. In some doors, you can remove the pins by pulling out while in others it will need unscrewing the brackets in the rollers.

  1. Remove the Garage Door Springs

Removing the spring can be very intimidating to many people. The truth is, it is very simple. You can use 7/16 and a 9/16 wrench to remove the spring carefully from the garage door and control torsion.

  1. Moving the Door

You need to move the door out of the way by pushing it. However, you have to be careful not to damage the hinges and the rollers pins attached to the other door tracks. If you are unsure, you can remove the hinges on one side of the door and set it aside until you need to reinstall it.

  1. Take Note of Location of the Old Track.

You can mark using a marking pen in the woods or the studs that support the track for easier alignment during replacement.

  1. Remove the Track

Unscrew the tracks. Do this carefully by working your way to the top to prevent it from falling on you.

  1. Insert the New Track

Insert the new tracks by aligning it and screwing it. You will need someone to help you align it with the marks you made previously. While screwing, you must ensure that the track is aligned well. You can do this by screwing passively until you are satisfied with the alignment.

  1. Introduce the Door Back

Have someone help you reposition the door to enable reinstallation of the rollers and hinges.

  1. Get the Rollers and Hinges Back

You need to ensure the hinges and roller pans are fitted correctly into the new track. Ensure careful and slow screwing to achieve a perfect result.

  1. Finally, Add a Lubricant

Lubricate both the rollers and every joint in the track. You can do this by spraying the lubricant over the track.

Tip: Frequent garage door maintenance can largely minimize frequent need for garage door repair. Ensure you carry out frequent maintenance to have a long lasting garage door.

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